SKMU Institutional Best Practices

1. Water Harvesting: Ground water depletion aggravated by severe pollution threat to existing water bodies and proclivity of the people to go for boring water to fulfil their needs instead of sticking to the traditional mechanism of wells, pose threat to the availability of water for masses almost all over the world and Santal Pargana, the area of operation of this University is no different. In tune with the Union Government’s policy of creating awareness drive among the masses to motivate them to participate actively in water conservation and water harvesting missions so that the posterity may continue to get this precious commodity and lead healthy lives, the University devised proper plan to promote the protection of precious water bodies and encourage the youth to commit themselves wholeheartedly to water harvesting exercise. The factor. which contributed to the identification of this practice as best practice to be adopted by the University, was severe depletion discernible in ground water level of the region resulting in crisis like situation for the masses in many areas. Inside the campus as well, water harvesting exercise has been adopted and implemented. So, the practice will definitely yield appreciable results in future leading to betterment in the life and especially health of the people.
2. Say No to Cutting of Trees: Besides water, forest and land hold tremendous significance for the tribal people inhabiting this region. Impact of cutting of trees and carbon emission based pollution can be clearly felt not only in India but across the globe as well in the form of alarming rise in pollution levels. As trees prove to be human beings’ best friend by releasing oxygen in the atmosphere and absorbing carbon emission, policy to protect existing trees on the soil supplemented by planting more and more trees through the spontaneous involvement of the masses in this noble cause can prove to be the only panacea to alleviate the pollution threat to human lives and consequently, ensure healthy environment for coming generations.So the University has scrupulously stuck to its thoughtfully designed policy of “Say no to tree felling.” Even when the construction of the present infrastructure demanded tree felling in a number of cases, the University preferred to alter slight deviation in the construction map instead of going for the felling of trees. Not only this, the World Environment Day is celebrated in the campus of the University and all its constituent units like a festival.