SKMU Institutional Distinctiveness

The University named after two heroes of Santal Pargana – Sido Murmu and Kanhu Murmu, who waged a daunting battle against the might of the British Empire in 1855 to exterminate the system of subjugation and exploitation. Though the people belonging to tribal community constitute a sizable chunk of the total population of the area, their socio economic status is yet to reach a satisfactory status. Being the only Higher Education Institution operational in the region, the University accords top priority to make quality higher education easily accessible to the people belonging to the marginalised sections of the society especially those belonging to Scheduled Tribe and Scheduled Caste category. Not only this, girl education also weighs quite high in the agenda of the University. Thus the University has quite indomitably committed itself to the task of propelling more and more students from these vulnerable sections of the society into the domain of higher education so that they may take more interest in research activities, may get decent placements in their career and thus, create an identity of which they can feel proud and consequently play a determining role in designing policy mechanism to give shape to a just and humane society. In accordance with this vision and commitment of the University, all the faculty members in tandem with administrative manpower unceasingly put in their best efforts to realise the noble goal of more egalitarian society. In tune with democratic norms, opinion of various stake holders of the system are regularly sought through statutory bodies like Syndicate, Senate, Academic Council, Departmental Councils, Parents Teacher Meetings, Alumni Association and through informal mechanism to devise effective policies to move in the desired direction. Through the flagship program of MHRD, Unnat Bharat Abhiyan, the University reaches out to the inhabitants of neighbouring villages and makes them aware about the policies of the government for betterment of their quality of lives. All aspects associated with the realisation of our goal like Course design, teaching-learning mechanism, lab work, library, co-curricular activities, refreshment, transportation, accommodation, safety and security are regularly revamped through deliberations under the leadership of Vice Chancellor of the University. Thus definite bright indicators of triumph emerging in the form of concrete data like impressive increase in enrolment figures of ST, SC and girl students and their encouraging preference to opt for the study of science disciplines. Of the total enrolment in 2018, 46 percent students belonged to ST category and 41 percent enrolled students were girls. In 2019, huge number of students recorded triumph in High School Teacher Examination conducted to recruit candidates to the post of Assistant Teacher in Government High Schools of Jharkhand. In campus placement 175 of our students were selected for jobs by 13 companies which visited our campus. The University is indomitably committed to move with enhanced momentum in future to help students from marginalised communities to carve their identity and actively contribute in the task of nation building.