Academic Council

Members of the Disciplinary Committee (S. K. M. Univeristy, Dumka)

Sr.NameDesignationContact Details
1. Prof. (Dr.) Sonajharia Minz, Vice Chancellor Chairman
2. Dr. (Mrs.) Neerja Dubey, Professor In-Charge, R.D.B.M. College, Deoghar Member
3. Dr. Jainendra Yadav, Head of Department - Political Science Member
4. Dr. Gagan Kumar Thakur, Dean, Faculty of Science Member
5. Dr. Md. Shamshadullah, Proctor Member
6. Dr. P. P. Singh, Inspector of Colleges Invitee Member
7. Dr. Kashi Nath Jha Invitee Member
8. The Assistant Registrar (Examination) Invitee Member
9. The Coordinator Invitee Member
10. Dr. G. Gangopadhyay, Registrar Invitee Member