Monday 18th of February 2019
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The University contains the rhythm of the universe: Prof M P Sinha

It is my privilege to serve the SKM University in its twenty-fifth year. The students, teachers and staff across the university and its many colleges are the standard-bearers of our mission and shared goals. It is through hard work and collaboration we will now move forward to the achievement of these goals.

I believe that the mission of the university is to improve the world through the education of leaders for all sectors of society. A university established in a marginalized location like Santhal Parganas is naturally meant to serve sections of the society that had been deprived of educational opportunities. That is our great responsibility but our task is not only about becoming bigger and more inclusive and equitable. Our task is to achieve excellence in education—the ability to expand the horizons of knowledge. There is only one way in which this can be done: by strengthening the people, the teachers and the students, who make up the university. This is what I reconsider academic investments and that must be the natural starting point of what I have called a project of hope.

A university, however, cannot be confined to narrow objectives. It is an expression the universal aspirations of humanity: the aspiration to know and understand the world, to find universal truth. No matter how local its contexts are, it is supposed to stand for such truth which gives meaning to the entire experience of human life in all its aspects.

I am a student of science and I have a conviction in science. Science—and technology—can change the world. The physical sciences can help us learn to live sustainably. Advances in life science save lives. And technology allows us to pursue solutions we never would have dreamed possible even a decade ago. Our teachers and students need an education including the sciences, technology, engineering, and quantitative reasoning so that they will have the tools to understand the world and shape the future. I also recognize that we cannot ignore humanities and social sciences if we have to endure the vicissitudes of time and leave a conflict-free world for the next generations. In other words, we have to strive to be a unified university that offers the most flexible and universal education to the people of Santhal Parganas.

Let our teachers and students begin with an academic focus and renew our commitment to higher education. As a humble facilitator I will give my best to ensure that you do not lose your focus because of any external or institutional hassles. I am certain that very soon the Sido Kanhu Murmu University will become a torchbearer in the field of education not just in the state in the entire nation.

Prof. (Dr.) Manoranjan Prasad Sinha
Vice Chancellor, Sido Kanhu Murmu University, Dumka