Wednesday 15th of August 2018
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From Pro Vice-Chancellor’s Desk

On behalf of SKM University, Dumka I appeal to all the teachers, staffs and students to strive for creating an ideal educational environment in the university through discipline and improved academic standards. It behaves us, as members of the community, society, and region and as citizens of the state and the nation to give our best wherever we are working at local or global level, for survival as well as the prosperity of humanity. This great goal can only be achieved by collective coordination and corporation and by strengthening the infrastructure and resources in colleges and departments of the university. We must build new and upgrade the existing facilities like libraries, laboratories, hostels, playgrounds, seminar conference halls, common rooms and canteens operating in clean and hygienic environment as required. It should be mandatory for the teachers and students to stay for substantial period on the campus so that they can engage in academic activities in a creative way.

It is certain that the collective effort of teachers, principals, coordinators, directors and heads of the departments we will be able to inspire and engage the students in academic activities in such a way as to fulfill the requirement of 75% attendance in the classes. It is also essential to awaken the academic community to the need of maintaining the schedule of academic calendar – admission, examination, evaluation and publication of results.

Again I appeal, especially to teachers and research scholars to organize seminars, conferences and academic meetings for the students to broaden their mental horizons and to challenge then to aspire for higher goals in life.

It is also mandatory for the progress of the university to maintain financial discipline in accordance with financial rules. I hope that with the coordinated efforts of the academicians, staffs, students and officers the university will be able to connect with the different organizations, institutions al local and global levels through new technology for the enhancement of knowledge and for preparing the students for the opportunities that new world order has to offer.

Prof. Satya Narayan Munda
Pro-Vice Chancellor, Sido Kanhu Murmu University, Dumka